Rice Farm Token
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Basic Information

    Token Name: RiceToken
    Token Symbol: RICE
    Contract Address: 0xC4eEFF5aab678C3FF32362D80946A3f5De4a1861
    Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
    Max Supply: 100M

Transfer Tax

    Burn Rate: 10.08% of transfer tax will be burned immediately
    Automatic Liquidity Rate: 3.92% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked.
    Total Transfer Tax Rate: 14% of every transfer

Emission Rate

    Emission rate will start at 2x for the first week before reducing to normal emissions.
    Emissions will be reduced by 10% every 2 weeks.
    5 RICE / block
    28657*5 = 143,285 RICE / day
    8.5% to dev team
    5.7% for marketing team
    1.2% for community engagement/incentives
    Fair Launch Allocation: 10M (10%)
    Liquidity Allocation: 1M (1%)
    Marketing Allocation: 200k (0.02%)

Deflationary Mechanisms

1. Reducing Block Emission

Emissions will be reduced by 10% every 2 weeks and will continue for 2 years.

2. Transfer Tax

RICE has 14% transfer tax in each transfer. 10.08% is burned directly and the rest 3.92% is added to RICE-BNB liquidity pool and locked. This will continuously reduce the supply of RICE and reduce sell pressure greatly.
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