Delayed Harvest
There is no lock on your liquidity, this is only for rewards.
Delayed harvest will reduce sell pressure and will provide stability in the long run. We will start at 8 hours and will increase the delay incrementally until RICE is stable with a MAX delay of two weeks. We will increase it by 1 day every day for now.
Delayed Harvest has been set to 5 days. Please see reasoning below.
Since we did not hit our hard cap our APR's are a little to degen. We don't want to be a degen farm and dump project and so we have a few options moving forward that we will experiment with. The first option is to lower the emissions to 20% since we raised 20% but we didn't want to discourage new investors. The initial plan was to increase our delay slowly until it was at least 5 days but for the longevity of the farm and for the benefit of the protocol we've decided to increase it to 5 days immediately.
Delayed harvest is a mechanism that will prevent users from constantly harvesting and dumping. If a farm has a delayed harvest of 2 hours, that means a user can only claim their rewards once every two hours. This will be displayed on each farm and pool card.
The team will experiment with different lengths of time to help keep the price of RICE stable. We've decided to start with 6 hours as this is a long term project and will increase the delay as the project progresses.
Please note that staking or unstaking LP or assets will trigger the harvest button which will result in an auto-harvest of any remaining rice that is not under harvest delay restrictions.
Last modified 7mo ago
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