Manual Burns
The team has been doing manual burns for TeslaSafe and will be doing the same for Rice as well. Below are some of our big burns for special occasions.

Launch of Rice Vault (6.20.21)

Outperforming Top 500 Cryptos & Rice Vault over 5M RICE Locked (6.27.21)

Tax Free Day (7.9.21)

Launch of IFOv2 & Burn Rice Vault Fees (7.12.21)

  • For the launch of IFOv2 we will burn all of the fee's we received from our Rice Cooker!
  • Burn 70,846.9181205405 RICE (valued at $66,677.53) - See Transaction

EPIC IFO (7.26.21)

PAZ IFO (10.22.21)

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