Vaults (Rice Cooker)
APY is different from APR! APY takes into account compounding and therefore is much higher than APR. We show APY on vaults because they are compounding.
We will start on tax free day with 0 harvest delay so everyone can click the compound button as much as they want. Then we will increase it to 2 hours. We will also start with 14% withdrawal penalty on tax free day and up it to 28% when tax free day is over to be fair. This percentage has a max number of 56%. Please refer to *Rice Vaults

What are vaults?

Vaults are a layer built on top of pools or farms that provide auto compounding services.

Rice Vault

The Rice Vault auto compounds without the 14% tax. You can stake in the vaults without tax and withdraw without tax as well. However, if you leave before the 7 days is up you will be subject to 28% tax.
The reason we chose 28% is to be fair, other users have to pay 28% total when staking and unstaking. This percentage may go up to even 56% to make things even for farms and pools. Otherwise the Rice Cooker will have too great an advantage and may cause unbalance the Rice ecosystem.
This will eventually switched to 14 days after Tax Free Day and increase to 21 days. The maximum this can reach is 30 days.

Rice Vault Compound For All Bounty

It costs gas to compound for everyone in the vault. So we take part of the rewards 0.25% as an incentive for anyone who chooses to compound the vault for everyone.
Compound For All Bounty: 0.05% of all RICE Vault pool users’ pending yield
This bounty is given as a reward for providing a service to other users.
Whenever you successfully claim the bounty, you’re also activating the Rice Vault's compounding function for everyone.
Make sure the amount of RICE you receive from the bounty will be greater than the BNB fees you’ll spend to submit the blockchain transaction!
Only one person receives the bounty, despite everyone having an opportunity to get it.
Fastest hands win! Whoever claims it first will receive it. Transactions may go through, but if you weren't the first one and bounty has already been claimed no rewards will be sent to you. If you think you're fast enough, use at own risk.
At the time of writing each bounty is worth over $10 with the gas cost being around 19 cents. It's up to you whether or not you want to risk paying the transaction cost and possibly not receiving the bounty.

Why can't someone just do this themselves?

They could, but vaults help you save on personal time and transaction fees, lowers sell pressure, is tax exempt, and automatically reinvest earnings. Attempting to do this manually would result in large inefficiencies. Just sit back, relax, and let the vault do all the work for you.


Referrals will still be in effect for any staking in the vault. However there will be no referrals for funds that are automatically compounded.

Performance Fee

  • 5%, subtracted automatically from each yield harvest.
  • For example, if the harvest was 1 RICE, then 0.05 RICE would be subtracted as the performance fee.

Rice Vault Contract (Verified)

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