Fuzion HODL Contest
Official Rules for the Fuzion HODL Contest. Each token launched on Fuzion Chain will have a HODL contest to encourage holding
The HODL contest will continue until all the prizes are given out. These prizes will be given out over the course of 20 weeks (4.5 months). Rankings will be posted every week and the top 25 who qualify will be awarded every week. This allows for those who found out about TeslaSafe later to still be able to qualify for winning the contest. This also gives others the ability to buy more TeslaSafe to move up in the rankings before the next round of winners are picked. Each prize will be vested over 12 months. Must continue to qualify for the contest to continue to receive your vested rewards.
**$10,000 TeslaSafe Prize Those who choose to go for the extended contest will receive $10,000 TeslaSafe locked at AFMV* (Average Fair Market Value when they claim) until the summit at which point they will receive their TS as well as another $50,000 worth of TeslaSafe at AFMV (Average Fair Market Value) that will be calculated at that point. The reward for the extended contest will be given as a lump sum with no vesting. The $50,000 TeslaSafe reward will vest over the course of 12 months. Those who choose to enter the extended contest will need to stay in the Top 500 ranking by the time start of the Fuzion Summit (August 2022). *$10,000.00 = Average Fair Market Value at the time of claim
*10k Rewards goes to those who are holding at least $10,000 worth of TeslaSafe at the time of claiming, taking the fair market price. If winner is holding less than $10,000 worth of TeslaSafe, we will reward the amount of TeslaSafe the winner is holding. For example: If someone is holding 10 Billion TeslaSafe at the time they claim their rewards, they will receive 10 Billion worth of TeslaSafe. This gives winners a 2x or 10k USD reward.
**The $10,000 will not be locked, but calculated at the time contestants claim their rewards. For example, if TeslaSafe market cap is $20,000,000 at the time the winner is receiving their vested rewards, they will receive $10,000.00 worth of TeslaSafe at that time for fair market value price. *AFMV (Average Fair Market Value) takes the average TeslaSafe Value over the past 3 months.
1) Teslasafe $5 Million Dollar - 3 Month HODL Contest Rules - Must HODL Teslasafe for 3 months from the moment of purchase. There must be no selling for at least 3 months. If you have already sold once, the 3 months resets. - Contestant MUST be in the top 500 Holders - Each person who qualifies will receive up to $10,000** (See above). - For Teslasafe - Maximum 500 prizes of $10,000 - Contest starts May 9, 2021 - First $10k prizes will begin being sorted out and ranked on August 9, 2021 and prizes will be given soon after. 2) RICE $6 Million Dollar Contest - 6 Month HODL Contest Rules
  • Contestant MUST be in the top 250 Holders
  • Must HODL Rice for 6 months from the moment of purchase. There must be no selling for at least 6 months. If you have already sold once, the 6 months resets.
  • Maximum 250 prizes of up to $25,000
  • Contest starts June 12, 2021
  • First prizes will be begin data analysis on Dec 12, 2021 and prizes will be given out soon after winners are finalized.
-Official giveaways will be staggered for 4.5 months to prevent sudden sell-off & market crash. Prizes will be vested and released over a 12 month period and selling at any point during this period will automatically renounce remainder of prize money.
-Staking SuperBlockchain ecosystem tokens in RICE farm or BTCe Vaults are allowed and will not DQ/Reset your contest.
SELLING RICE OR TESLASAFE DQ/RESET YOUR TIMER FOR BOTH CONTEST -Must follow ALL our social media - See Social Media Page -Please note that while contest is ongoing, selling any crypto assets in the Fuzion Superblockchain will DQ or Reset your timer for all contest. For example, if the TeslaSafe contest is ongoing and you sell $Rice or $Paz, then your timer for the TeslaSafe contest will reset. These rules and contest are in place in order to reward holders of the ecosystem in order to give the protocol time to flourish and grow into it's full potential.
  • BSCscan will not reveal the true top HOLDERS for each token since some will be staked in Rice Farms/Vaults or Boba Farms/Vaults and not show up in BSCscan. True Top Holders will be revealed by our analytics team where everyone can see their true placement. Data will be pulled and compiled from BSCscan + Masterchef and calculations will determine the true top holders are. All participants will be given opportunity to see whether their address qualifies for the contest.
-Failure to meet all requirements will result in disqualification and or reset time. To qualify for our extended contest, please see Extended Contest*
Team reserves the right to update rules as needed for the good of the protocol.
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